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Smart Contract Attacks and Prevention
Smart Contract Auditing
Interview Practise
Problem Solving
OnChain transaction debugging


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Capture the flag

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It is QuillAudit's initiative to serve the Smart contract & DeFi ninjas with some challenging security, exploits, and exploiting tasks. Each task or challenge will be on Smart-contract/Defi primitive.

DeFi Audit
NFT Audit


What do the Challengers have to say?

I'm happy to see my name on the Leaderboard of QuillCTF after solving the Road Closed challenge, I learned a lot about Access Control Vulnerabilities in smart contracts and learned how to use a testing.

Yahia Khaled

Amazing challenges to brush UP your solidity security skills

Quentin NDATO

I learnt about EVM memory layout and writing EVM opcodes in a optimized way.

Vishnuram Rajkumar

Just finished QuillCTF by @QuillAudits and I have to say, it's a great resource for smart contract auditors looking to refresh their skills on basic vulnerabilities. Highly recommend giving it a try!



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Lead the Blockchain Security Revolution with QuillAcademy ThinkTank

Some of the activities at our ThinkTank

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    Be a part of the leading blockchain forensics team and track stolen funds
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    BUIDL legacy cybersecurity tools for developers to create bug free code
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    BUIDL analytics tools to help investors invest safely
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    Publish post-mortem reports with OSINT professionals on stolen funds and hacks
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    Research and create the best Web3.0 resources with Web3Suggest to onboard the next 1 million users
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How to start a career in Web 3.0

Dec 27, 2022

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Building Safe & Secure DeFi in 2023

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Why Blockchain Bridges are Hackers Preferred Target in 2022

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Nov 22, 2022

How to securely BUILD and DEPLOY smart contracts on Solana?

How to securely BUILD and DEPLOY smart contracts on Solana?

Oct 27, 2022


"Excellent discussion and well organized by the team"

Adil Khan, Search for Animera

"The host moderated the session well, and I liked the FAQ at the end because those were some genuine questions from the investor's point of view."

Atulya Bhatt, BuyUcoin

"Well planned space session, Great host & questions."

Lakshya Mittal, Recorem

" Overall very good session. Covered the introductory aspect of what both companies do. The flow of the session was smooth. We are looking forward o doing more of such sessions."

Manan Pahwa, Binocs


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