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But unable to find good resources, expert guidance, and reliable references? We have a team of expert hackers to help you master development and become security researchers with challenges, cohorts, bounty projects, and research reports.

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Secure Web3.0 with us by learning smart contract auditing with the QuillAcademy’s auditing course. We aim to help you LEARN.PRACTICE.EARN

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It is QuillAudit's initiative to serve the Smart contract & DeFi ninjas with some challenging security, exploits, and exploiting tasks. Each task or challenge will be on Smart-contract/Defi primitive.

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Post Mortem, Forensic Investigations and OSINT Research

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For learners, developers and enthusiasts

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    Live updates on CTF challenges
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    Notifications for Web3 Events/Hackathons
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    Reminder for Webinars, Live Spaces
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    Important links for Cohorts and Skill Session
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    Notification for Freelance and Full-Time opportunities

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    Sponsor/Host/Fund Events and Challenges
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    Collaborate with ThinkTank to publish reports
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    Share live projects for Bug Bounty
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Selected Institutions Where We Conduct Sessions

Jalpaiguri Government Engineering CollegeJGEC
IIT RoorkeeIIT - R
Indian Institute of Public AdministrationIIPA
Indian Institutes of Information Technology KanpurIIIT - K

A Glimpse of our Sessions Presented By Our Experts

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Sessions 2Sessions 4

Monthly Offline Tech Talks

Be At the QuillAcademy Web3.Space

The Web3.Space is a hub of learning, exchanging ideas and testing your products. At the Web3.Space we celebrate technology and learning by hosting the best speakers and tech ninjas to help you embark on your Web3.0 journey.

Web3.Space For Learners And Enthusiasts

  • Blue QuillJoin the Monthly Tech-Sync with QuillAcademy and our mentors
  • Blue QuillDiscuss the latest technical developments in Web3.0
  • Blue QuillGet the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas and knowledge
  • Blue QuillInteract with the best tech talent in your city
  • Blue QuillGet limited partner swags and internship opportunities
  • Blue QuillSolve puzzles, play games and join the Web3.Space for learning with us

Web3.Space For Educators, Mentors, And Brands

  • Use the Web3.Space to host technical sessions on your tech stackBlue Quill
  • Interact with learners and stimulate the community with your knowledgeBlue Quill
  • Share your ideas and knowledge and test out your MVPsBlue Quill
  • Host quizzes, games, and get an opportunity to connect with learnersBlue Quill
  • Hire the best talent after interacting with them live at the Web3.SpaceBlue Quill
  • Co-create a fun learning ecosystem to establish brand recall with developersBlue Quill


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Visit our FAQs help centre to clear out any doubts or queries you may have regarding us and our services. or reach out to us directly at Telegram. or reach out to us directly at Telegram.

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What is the QuillAcademy?
The QuillAcademy is the go-to hangout spot for hackers and security researchers, with cutting-edge research going on, new ERCs, EIPs, OSINT, forensics, and auditing tools to build a more robust ecosystem.
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