Become a certified smart contract auditor with our Audit Fellowship

The Web 3.0 industry has been growing at a rapid pace, however, the number and the scale of hacks have also increased significantly. To tackle this, QuillAcademy will be launching the Second Edition of the Audit Fellowship to help train the best Smart Contract Auditors in the industry.

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What is the QuillAcademy Audit Fellowship?

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    The Audit Fellowship is an Initiative by QuillAcademy to help Beginner & Intermediate level proficient Smart Contract Auditors Learn about Smart Contract Auditing & Gain Hands-On Experience in it.

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    The participants joining the program will be added to our separate channels on Discord & Telegram, where we will open-sourcing our Audit Code. The Participants will be Auditing the code along with our Auditors & Security Experts.

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    This way, the participants can learn more about the Smart Contract Auditing Process while gaining relevant experience.

Expert Guiding


Why Should You Apply for the QuillAcademy Audit Fellowship?

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    Participants will get proper Hands-On Experience regarding Smart Contract Auditing Processes & also regarding the several Frameworks involved in it.

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    You will get proper guidance from our Prominent Auditors & Blockchain Security Experts.

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    This will allow you to interact with the Auditors at QuillAudits & also gain several insights regarding all the tech stack involved in the processes.

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    You will find better hiring opportunities if you regularly perform well in the Program & Find Bugs/Vulnerabilities in the Audit Code.

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Whats in it for you?



If you are Performing well and are successful at identifying vulnerabilities in the Audit Code, you will receive Swags from QuillAudits

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity

If you constantly perform well at CTF, we might also offer you Smart Contract Auditing Internship at QuillAudits with great pay, including several other benefits of being a Quill.

Audit Credits

Audit Credits

If you are a good performer and building your product, then youll receive free Audit Credits from QuillAudits, which you can use later to get Free Audit Review from us

QuillAudits NFTs

QuillAudits NFTs

We might Airdrop** our official QuillAudits NFTs directly into your wallet; it has many use cases like you can join Events hosted by QuillAudits for free

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How to Apply?

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What do the ALUMs have to say?

Getting a chance to be part of this Cohort and especially since it is an interactive experience really deepened my thought process in developing much more secure smart contracts than I did before being part of this Cohort. Another thing to note is the practical-based approach to discussions This Cohort definitely added a lot of value to my career as a blockchain developer and would love to be part of more such cohorts in the future!

It was a great experience being part of this Audit with us cohort. The sessions were filled with information and coming from someone with so much experience was just amazing. The cohort covered multiple security issues and also ways to mitigate them. Definitely, a good place to start and get into WEB3 security

It was a good cohort got to learn a lot from the lectures, topics were very informational and guest lecture were also good. Thank you for letting me be the part of this cohort.

It was a good experience with tons of knowledge. Enjoyed all the sessions especially the guest session by razzorsec.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs help centre to clear out any doubts or queries you may have regarding us and our services. or reach out to us directly at Telegram.

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Who is the Audit Fellowship for?
The audit fellowship is for blockchain developers who want to learn smart contract auditing and beginner-level auditors who want to improve their auditing skills
What are the benefits of applying to the Audit Fellowship?
How do I apply for the fellowship?
Who will conduct the sessions for the Audit Fellowship?
What are the perks associated with completing the Fellowship?


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