QuillCTF: Practice Smart Contract Auditing With Fun Challenges

QuillCTFs are fun challenges to help budding auditors and security researchers test their skills and explore new vulnerabilities!

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Why CTF Challenges with QuillAudits?

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    QuillCTF is a game in which you hack Ethereum smart contracts to learn about security. The game is designed to educate players on identifying and fixing security issues in Ethereum smart contracts.

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    The challenges contain several of the most common vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts today, including reentrancy, integer overflows/underflows, predictable randomness, and more!

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    Finally, there is also a leaderboard to track user progress and compare results to encourage you all to push yourselves and strive to be the best!

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Why should you check out the QuillCTFs?

Along with the Learning and Hands-On Experience with CTFs, you will also receive several perks from our QuillAudits, all of which are included below :



We have 30 CTFs handcrafted by some of the best experts in the industry



Our auditors are always available to discuss the solutions and even collaborate on creating CTFs with you


Skill Development

Understand in depth ech vulnerability and practice your skills in the most optimized fashion


Rewards & Opportunities

We have hired 2 full time security researchers and airdropped NFTs to challengers. Solve for more rewards.


Have Fun

Upskilling is important, but its a bonanza if you can have fun while doing it. We come up with new and procoolblems, making them interesting

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    Users can also submit their own challenges, which will be reviewed by our team and then added to the Challenges. This encourages developers and auditors to create interesting and challenging tasks. Use the below form to submit your challenges to us:

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What does the community have to say about the QuillCTFs?

QuillCTF has been an impressive regularly updated CTF challenge platform. The platforms engaging challenges and realistic scenario give participants an opportunity to hone their web3 security skills. I highly recommend QuillCTF to anyone looking to improve their web3 security skills in a fun and challenging environment.



QuillCTF, maintained by QuillAcademy and QuillAudits is an amazing resource for practicing your PoC writing skills.



Beyond the points, lies the growth, some challenges really pushed me to learn new things, those nights have now become knowledge and great memories, inspiring me to continue exploring the blockchain security. Thank to QuillAcademy for organizing this incredible journey, and everyone who contributed, you are awesome, see you in the next season



Playing QuillCTFs would be a good first resource to get into blockchain security for those looking to get into smart contract auditing.


Shane | Curta CTF Founder


Solutions from Season 1

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the gurus

Meet the CTF Crafters

Preetam Rao

Aradhya Mittal


Preetam Rao

Erhant Tezcan

Collatz Puzzle, True XOR

Preetam Rao


Pelusa, Weth10

Preetam Rao


Gate, PsuedoRandom

Preetam Rao

Sova Slava

Panda Token, Donate,Gold NFT, Invest Pool, Private Club, NFTBANK, AssetEqual, Arbitrage, Collect

Preetam Rao

ᴍatías Λereal Λeón


Preetam Rao

Kodak Rome

Moloch’s Vault

Preetam Rao

Aravindh K

Slot Puzzle

Preetam Rao


Predictable NFT

Preetam Rao




We would like to give a special mention to one of our auditors for including the QuillCTFs in his latest book around cybersecurity

Attacking and Exploiting Modern Web Applications

Attacking and Exploiting Modern Web Application

CTF Auditor, Simone Onofri

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs help centre to clear out any doubts or queries you may have regarding us and our services. or reach out to us directly at Telegram.

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What were the QuillCTFs?
The QuillCTFs are a series of solidity-based smart contract games where the challengers are supposed to find the vulnerability and audit the given contract. These challenges present the users to test their skills against other auditors in a fair yet competitive manner!
How many challenges are there, and why should I solve these challenges?
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I have solved the CTFs, and feel confident in my skills; what do I do next?


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