QuillCTF: Master Web3 Security Skills

CTFs are competitions organized to hone and test the proficiency and expertise of cybersecurity professionals. Participants are tasked with analyzing and auditing a smart contract and its related functions.

With QuillCTFs, you can learn about Ethereum, Solidity, EVM, DeFi, and other interesting aspects of the Web3 ecosystem.

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Why CTF Challenges with QuillAudits?

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    QuillCTF is a game in which you hack Ethereum smart contracts to learn about security. The game is designed to educate players on identifying and fixing security issues in Ethereum smart contracts.

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    The challenges contain several of the most common vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts today, including reentrancy, integer overflows/underflows, predictable randomness, and more!

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    Finally, there is also a leaderboard to track user progress and compare results to encourage you all to push yourselves and strive to be the best!

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What’s in it for you?



If you are Performing well and successfully solving the CTFs, then you’ll receive Swags from QuillAudits or the Client Company, which include - T-Shirts, Stickers, Bottles & Etc.

Job Opportunity

Job Opportunity

If you constantly perform well at CTF, we might also offer you Smart Contract Auditing Internship at QuillAudits with great pay, including several other benefits of being a β€˜Quill’.

Audit Credits

Audit Credits

If you are a good performer and building your product, then you’ll receive free Audit Credits from QuillAudits, which you can use later to get Free Audit Review from us.

QuillAudits NFTs

QuillAudits NFTs

We might Airdrop** our official QuillAudits NFTs directly into your wallet; it has many use cases like being able to join any QuillAudits event for free.

** The Top 5 Players on the leaderboard will get access to the next QuillAcademy Audit Fellowship. Check out more about our Audit Fellowship Program**

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    View all active CTFs by clicking on the Challenges Button below. The points will only be awarded for currently active challenges.

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    Once you have successfully solved the CTF, you can use the form below to submit the solution along with technical details and working POCs.

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    We will review your solution and get back to you shortly, you can check your name on the leaderboard by clicking below.

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    Users can also submit their own challenges, which will be reviewed by our team and then added to the Challenges. This encourages developers and auditors to create interesting and challenging tasks. Use the below form to submit your challenges to us:

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What do the Challengers have to say?

I'm happy to see my name on the Leaderboard of QuillCTF after solving the Road Closed challenge, I learned a lot about Access Control Vulnerabilities in smart contracts and learned how to use a testing.

Yahia Khaled

Amazing challenges to brush UP your solidity security skills

Quentin N’DATO

I learnt about EVM memory layout and writing EVM opcodes in a optimized way.

Vishnuram Rajkumar

Just finished QuillCTF by @QuillAudits and I have to say, it's a great resource for smart contract auditors looking to refresh their skills on basic vulnerabilities. Highly recommend giving it a try!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our help centre to clear out any doubts you may have regarding our partnership program.

Who can participate in CTF contests?
Anyone interested in Solidity, DeFi, and web3 security can participate.
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