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Learnt smart contract auditing with our FREE Smart Contract Auditing Course and practised your skills with our QuillCTFs?

Test your skills hacking live smart contracts and fetch bounties with the QuillAcademy Red Team



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Why join the QuillAcademy Red Team?

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    Our Red Team is a multi-tiered team of hackers, hacking into contracts of different difficulty level

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    On the basis of your experience and knowledge, we will assign you into a Red Team with a leader, and will keep sharing relevant contracts

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    You will be shared with all the resources to learn and punch contract above your weight as well

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    On the basis of the issues you resolve, we will keep promoting your work on all of our social media and ensure the fan mail keeps coming

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    We will share all bounties with the auditors and all financial transactions will be 100% transparent

Bug dedector

Auditing Resources and Mentorship

Get exposure of hacking into contract under the guidance of experts with the best resources at your disposal


Live Hacking Exposure

Hack into contract with the latest vulnerabilities with all the live hacking opportunities we share with you



We don’t believe in unpaid work, you will receive a payout for every bug you find, classified on the basis of the severity$$


Hiring/Paid Opportunities

You will receive a performance rating which we will use to help you get more paid opportunities as well as permanent hiring positions

Hacker Alert

Are you A true hacker

Do you have what it takes to be in the red team?



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    Join an elite team of experienced bounty hunters.

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    Collaborate with the industry's top auditors to hack high-level contracts.

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    Share substantial bounty rewards for resolving high-level issues.

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    Benefit from the synergy of working with our world-class auditing team.



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    Be part of an exclusive team of bounty hunters handpicked from the Academy.

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    Learn and grow under the mentorship of experienced QuillAudits auditors.

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    Engage in team discussions to share issues and learn new hacking techniques.

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    Work on and resolve medium to high-level issues.



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    Work on basic projects to refine and polish your hacking skills.

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    Receive monthly resources to continually enhance your abilities.

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    Begin your hacking journey by tackling and resolving low-level issues.

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    Earn bounties for successfully hacking and resolving low-level issues.


How to Join Our Red Team?

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Our Smart Contract Security Blueprint

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Contribute To building the best learning resources with QuillAcademy by committing to our Github repositories

Issue Pull Request

Be a part of the QuillAcademy Red Team


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs help centre to clear out any doubts or queries you may have regarding us and our services. or reach out to us directly at Telegram.

Explore FAQs
Why should I apply for the QuillAcademy Red Team?
QuillAcademy Red Team is the ultimate destination for candidates looking to excel in web3 development and auditing. Earn bounties while enhancing your skills in a transparent and user-friendly environment.
What is the eligibility criteria for joining the QuillAcademy Red Team?
How are candidates allocated to a track in the QuillAcademy Red Team?
Are there any rewards within this program?
How are mentors assigned in the QuillAcademy Red Team? Can I choose my own mentors?
What are the added benefits for candidates to join the QuillAcademy Red Team?


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