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Build your Web3 applications on the Tezos blockchain more secure, efficient, and reliable with our Smart Contracts Audit.

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Why audit your smart contract with QuillAudits

Having an audit done by a competent firm is a must have for any smart contract, and with the expertise of QuillAudits it will be done flawlessly. The audit process for Tezos smart contract is based on the comprehensive approach we follow to investigate the code for security flaws and potential vulnerabilities, and the best possible ways to mitigate them.


Importance of Auditing Tezos Smart Contract

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Our security auditors analyze your smart contracts for watertight fulfilment of their business logic and identify ambiguities or inadequacies that cyberattacks might exploit.

Get your code scanned for flaws that can impede the smooth functioning of your application and frustrate your users.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Deploy Auto Scans

Deploy Auto Scans

Supplement the security audit with regular automatic scans to stay on top of the security of your smart contract.

Get a detailed report with the manual code assessment results, automatic scans, and actionable points for each detected vulnerability and deficiency.

Complete Audit Report

Complete Audit Report


How we Process

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The benefits of Tezos Smart Contract Audit

Identify and Fix Vulnerabilities
Identify and Fix Vulnerabilities in Code

QuillAudits Smart Contracts Audit will identify entry points in your smart contract's code for potential hackers and provide remedies for plugging them.

Prevent Costly Vulnerabilities
Prevent Costly Vulnerabilities

Our Smart Contracts will weed out all errors and deficiencies that hamper the smooth functioning of your Tezos application, thereby preventing downtime.

Optimize Code Efficiency
Optimize Code Efficiency

Our report will include recommendations for enhancing the code's efficiency and saving operational costs.

Roll out a top-notch Tezos application
Roll out a top-notch Tezos application

Once you have fixed your smart contracts' vulnerabilities and optimized their efficiency, you will be able to roll out a Tezos app that works like a well-oiled machine, leading to better customer satisfaction and higher revenues.


Our Smart Contract Security Blueprint


Block Gas Limit
Contract Referencing
External Calls
Front Running Re-Entrancy
Signature Replay
Missing Signer Checks
Ownership Checks
Redeployment with cross-instance confusion
Outdated dependencies
Integer Underflow/ Overflow
Casting Truncation
Memory Corruption
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A Comprehensive Look at Hacks and Scams in Web3

Each year, millions drain down the crypto hacks. Here are a few examples how hackers took advantage of the loopholes in the code to escape with millions:

In March 2022, $615M were stolen from Ronin Network, a platform powering the popular mobile game Axie Infinity.

In August 2021, the criminals transferred $611M-worth of Poly Network tokens to three wallets they controlled.

In September 2020, $275m worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from the Singapore-headquartered exchange KuCoin.

Top ten biggest cryptocurrency thefts by estimated losses as of June 2022

Caption: Values calculated according to cryptocurrency prices at the time of the theft

Source: Statista/Bloomberg, Business Insider, TechCrunch, CNBC, Ronin Network, Vice.

Hacks GraphCurious about the most common types of vulnerabilities and attack vectors in the Web3 space? Our Hackerboard can help you stay informed


Latest Work

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Why QuillAudits

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Years of Experience


What our Clients are saying

Very professional and timed delivery. Also very prompt in responses and queries.

Stack OS

Vishnu Korde

CEO, StackOS

The team is very supportive and they were able to work as per our requirements

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QuillAudits did a great job with our audit, was very professional and provided quick service

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QuillAudits provided security enhancements for Polygon projects, earning positive feedback for their prompt and high-quality service as an auditing partner.

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What is Tezos?
Tezos is a decentralised, self-improving framework for developing dApps. It is comparable to Ethereum in the way both blockchains support decentralised applications created using smart contracts.
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