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At QuillAudits, we're dedicated to supporting developers as they continue to BUIDL DeFi protocols, NFT experiences, or any other initiative that advances web3. Each eligible project will be qualified to obtain credits for up to $3,000, redeemable for their project’s audit.

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The Purpose Behind WAGSI Grants

Economic instability and downturn in the market serve as a reminder to stay on track and carry on with what we do best, i.e. support the continuous innovation in web3 products by providing emerging tools & solutions.

The long-term health of web3 and the blockchain ecosystem, fueled by developers, will continue to scale and grow better than ever based on the number of developers building in web3 and the daily engagement we observe within the web3 communities.

Hence to support that ecosystem and help the developers BUIDL for web3, we have started the QuillAudits WAGSI Grants to help builders with the security initiatives of their projects when traditional security solutions are way too expensive.

So let's not stop here and continue to BUIDL.

WAGSI Purpose


ReFi Security Grants


Regenerative Finance (ReFi) uses various forms of capital to drive systematic, sustainable, and positive change for all stakeholders. ReFi aims to direct investment toward businesses that drive positive change and sustainability. It provides the capital needed to address market failures and incentivises positive environmental and social outcomes. ReFi helps businesses grow and scale their impact.

Current markets fail to account for the negative impacts of carbon emissions and the inefficient allocation of resources now has humanity playing catch up in the face of upcoming environmental crisis. ReFi works to correct this by aiding in the intelligent allocation of resources.

At QuillAudits, we are enthusiastic about the potential of Regenerative Finance (ReFi) projects. These initiatives aim to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainable development. To further support these efforts, QuillAudits has launched ReFi Security Grants, offering Security Audit Credits to secure the ecosystems and tokens of ReFi projects.

Get Started

How to start your grant journey?


Apply For Grant

Here, your team must compile all the related project data and fill out the grants application form.


Evaluation & Approval

After Submission The Grant Committee will review your application.


Acceptance & Denial Notification

All applicants will be notified whether their application was accepted or rejected. If your application is accepted, you will go through due diligence and receive audit credits redeemable within a year.


Credit Redemption

When your project is finished and ready for an audit, you can use the same form to redeem the audit credits you were given. Our team will contact you shortly after verification to complete the remaining formalities.


Project Discussion & Audit Onboarding

At this stage, discussions related to your project will be conducted to ease out the audit process and once everything is completed your project will be onboarded for an audit

About You

Application Form

Any Individual entity
Blue Quill
Individual Builder/Developers
Blue Quill
Early stage startups
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Blue Quill
Recipients of the Grants
Blue Quill
Select Redeem Now! option in the above form
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Fill in the necessary details
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Share their Project Details
Blue Quill
Submit the form and wait for our team to reach out to them
Web3-based organisations
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Web3 based agencies
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VC funds
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Incubation Centres
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Web3 Communities and many others...

Ready to BUIDL without limits?
Apply now and let us help you unleash your creativity in the blockchain world!


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs help centre to clear out any doubts or queries you may have regarding us and our services. or reach out to us directly at Telegram.

Explore FAQs
What are WAGSI Grants?
WAGSI Grants are credits used for availing smart contract auditing services for builders/developers who are new to web3 and are building and contributing towards the same. Grant format will be rewarded as credited computed units (CCUs) on the QuillAudits Audit platform.
Who are the WAGSI Grants for?
When will I find out if I’ve received a WAGSI grant?
How will I be able to use the credits from the WAGSI grant?
What is a smart contract audit?
Who needs a Smart Contract Audit?
What Audit process do we follow?
My questions are not answered here; where shall I contact you with a query?


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