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We at QuillAudits work with a focused vision on safeguarding the Web3 ecosystem from the grasp of hackers and cybercriminals. With that said, we extend our smart contract auditing and KYC verification services to mould projects in a way to securely fit them in the blockchain space.

Ensure compliance and mitigate risk with our KYC services, and stay ahead of potential fraud with QuillCheck - the ultimate rug pull detector for DeFi investors.

Why get yourself KYC Verified by QuillAudits

Being KYC Verified by a competent firm is a must have for any project, and with the expertise of QuillAudits it will be done flawlessly. The KYC process is based on the comprehensive approach we follow to investigate the code for security flaws and potential vulnerabilities, and the best possible ways to mitigate them.


Get KYC Secured by QuillAudits X Assure DeFi

QuillAudits acknowledges the significant threats involved in smart contracts, which can lead to many critical possibilities. Identify ways in which the system is susceptible to be gamed or abused, what parts are exposed to centralization risks like point of interaction with oracles, and what governance mechanisms are in place that could be a potential threat to the investor funds.

Rug Pulls
Rug Pulls

While smart contract exploits and hacks are a known issue in web3 projects, the prevalence of rug pulls is alarming with over 70% of crypto scams falling under this category.


Rug pulls are carried out by anonymous teams, making it difficult to hold project owners accountable for their actions, leaving investors with little to no recourse.


Investors and users suffer significant losses of capital and time invested in rug pull projects, and the anonymous nature of these projects makes it impossible to file a complaint or seek legal action.


Despite some anonymous web3 projects providing highly effective and scalable solutions, the increasing number of rug pulls make it challenging for users and potential investors to trust and invest in these projects.


Who Needs To Perform KYC?

Investors & Institutions

Investors as well as institutions looking for high gains should carefully infuse the funds considering the possible risk scenarios.

Crypto Exchanges & Token Platforms

Exchanges in the Blockchain ecosystem are in a hurry to whitelist new tokens that could be risky considering its volatile nature.

Crypto Based Startups

They can take advantage by self-evaluating their strengths & weaknesses, and can discover valuable associates by examining the market.


How we Process

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A Comprehensive Look at Hacks and Scams in Web3

Between 2012 and 2019, approximately $700 million was lost to hackers, with a low 0.2% recovery rate.

In 2020, $300 million was lost to hacks, but $55 million was recovered with an 18% recovery rate.

In 2021, Web 3.0 saw an immense loss of $2.3 billion, but $652 million of the funds were returned to victims, the highest recovery rate to date.

In 2022, Web 3.0 projects lost ~$4 billion to hacks, scams, and exploits, surpassing the total funds lost between 2012 and 2020.

Hacks GraphCurious about the most common types of vulnerabilities and attack vectors in the Web3 space? Our Hackerboard can help you stay informed


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What our Clients are saying

Very professional and timed delivery. Also very prompt in responses and queries.

Stack OS

Vishnu Korde

CEO, StackOS

The team is very supportive and they were able to work as per our requirements

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QuillAudits did a great job with our audit, was very professional and provided quick service

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QuillAudits provided security enhancements for Polygon projects, earning positive feedback for their prompt and high-quality service as an auditing partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs help centre to clear out any doubts or queries you may have regarding us and our services. or reach out to us directly at Telegram.

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What is QuillAudits KYC service?

KYC by QuillAudits <> Assure DeFi allows anonymous project teams to remain publicly anonymous and still providing investors with an added layer of safety and protection which is typically only afforded to projects with public teams.

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