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Exploring Zero Gas Fees on the SKALE Network

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Tokenizing Real-World Assets: A Hands-On Walkthrough

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Tokenizing Real-World Assets: A Hands-On Walkthrough

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What Is Know-Your-Customer (KYC) in Crypto and Why does it Matter?

Discover the importance of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) in the crypto world and why it matters for security, compliance, and user trust. Read more!

July 23, 202410 Mins Read

Another Lazarus Group Attack? Decoding Wazirx Multisig Wallet’s $235M Exploit

Discover how the $235M WazirX multisig wallet exploit happened, the vulnerabilities, ongoing resolutions, and prevention strategies in our detailed analysis.

July 19, 202414 Mins Read

QuillAudits + Dappad: A Dynamic Duo for Web3 Security & UX Revolution

Learn about our alliance with Dappad, reshaping Web3 security and UX with cutting-edge account abstraction!

July 19, 20245 Mins Read

QuillAudits Teams with Polygon SPN to Secure Your Crypto Bags

Explore how QuillAudits and Polygon SPN team up to strengthen crypto security and protect your digital assets effectively.

July 19, 20245 Mins Read

How to do Solana Smart Contract Auditing Contrary to Rising Hacks

Learn how to conduct secure Solana smart contract audits amidst increasing hacks. Essential guide for developers and auditors

July 18, 20247 Mins Read

Top Ethereum Blockchain Use Cases and Applications

Discover the top Ethereum Blockchain use cases and applications revolutionizing industries. Explore how Ethereum is transforming technology today!

July 18, 20247 Mins Read

NFT Scams Explained: What to Watch Out For and How to Stay Safe

Discover common NFT scams, learn how to identify them, and find out how to protect your digital assets. Stay safe and informed with our comprehensive guide.

July 17, 202411 Mins Read

Same Mistake Twice? Decoding LiFi Protocol’s $9.7M Exploit

Explore QuillAudits' analysis of LiFi Protocol’s $9.7M exploit. Dive into the details of this significant security breach in our latest blog post

July 17, 202411 Mins Read

Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning: A Beginner's Guide

Learn Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning: Basics, types, applications, and future potential in this comprehensive guide.

July 13, 202410 Mins Read

Top 10 Common Solidity Issues

This blog discusses the top 10 common issues in solidity programming language encountered by developers and how QuillAudits can help

July 13, 20247 Mins Read

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