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We track financial transactions on the blockchain to identify perpetrators behind hacks. Blockchain forensics is the application of forensic techniques to investigate crimes involving or using blockchain technology. This includes tracking cryptocurrency transfers, identifying the parties involved, determining the source of funds, etc.

Why Blockchain Forensics with QuillAudits

We have a team of experts with decades of experience in financial crime investigation. Combined with our experience in blockchain cybersecurity, we provide the best experience investigating crypto hacks and tracking assets on the blockchain!

Our Solution

Advantages of Getting Blockchain Forensics with QuillAudits

It involves tracking on-chain assets and analysing their flow. The primary goal is to recover and analyse different kinds of evidence left on the most useful and transparent blockchain digital ledger. At QuillAudits, We provide numerous services to tackle this problem and reduce the risk of stolen assets. The services provided by QuillAudits include:

Using open-source intelligence tools
Using open-source intelligence tools

At QuillAudits, we use several open-source intelligence tools and techniques for generating predictive intelligence in cryptocurrency research, providing valuable insights into hidden data sources and contextual environments.

Transaction Tracking and Investigation
Transaction Tracking and Investigation

We leverage deep in-house experience to track and investigate the hack. We use several tools, including some internal tools, to track the transaction and investigate an attack.

Hidden or Non-Disclosed Cryptocurrency
Hidden or Non-Disclosed Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous. That means even if someone is required to declare their cryptocurrencies, they refrain from doing so. We use multiple tools and OSINT to track an individual associated with the wallet.

Forensic Accounting for Cryptocurrency
Forensic Accounting for Cryptocurrency

We have cutting-edge tools and technologies to track transactions from wallet to wallet, and the results generated by QuillAudits may sometimes be used as evidence in court. We help provide an easy-to-understand yet detailed report on the incident that a user from a non-technical background can easily understand.

Providing a Detailed Report on the Incident
Providing a Detailed Report on the Incident

At QuillAudits, we have an experienced team of engineers and auditors who work on investigating the incident and providing a fully-fledged incident analysis report on what went wrong, how the protocol was exploited, and the current status of the stolen funds.

The Need

Why do you need Blockchain Forensics

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of hacks related to Defi and the whole crypto space. During the last year alone, approximately 200 projects were hacked, accounting for almost $10 billion. And in the last six months, more than 100 projects have already been exploited.

The numbers are scary! But there is a bigger problem.

In Web3, the code is the law; it's immutable. The attackers take advantage of it, and there aren't even proper laws to take action against them. Although public blockchain transactions are publicly visible, the attackers use tactics like peel chains, mixers, chain hopping, etc., making it extremely difficult to track the transaction and find the final destination of the stolen funds.

ScaleTotal HacksTotal Loss
Low (<$1M)41$12M
Medium (<$1M)33$95M
High (<$1M)12$170M
Whales (<$1M)4$1.2B


How we Process

Process Flow Diagram
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Tools and Technologies used by us

Blockchain Explorers
Blockchain Explorers

A blockchain explorer helps the user to search data from Blockchain and presents it in a viewable format for the user by using API and blockchain nodes to draw this data from the blockchain.

Transaction Debugger and Visualisers
Debuggers and Visualisers

Debuggers and Visualisers A Transaction Debugger helps us understand transactions, while Visualizers simplify data, revealing unusual patterns. They improve decision-making and enhance blockchain analysis.

On-Chain Simulators
On-Chain Simulators

Blockchain Simulators allow us to create simulation structures that can easily be worked so that they may be applied to a wide range of blockchain design and deployment challenges and reveal hidden details in existing systems.

Token Flow trackers
Token Flow trackers

Money flow is an analysis of how money is transferred between multiple parties and intermediaries on Blockchain. Every transaction has a known origin and destination, and using token flow trackers we can track the flow of tokens efficiently.

A Glimpse of our Sessions Presented By Our Experts

Sessions 1
Helping Gurugram Police Team with Cybersecurity Investigations
Sessions 2
Helping Gurugram Police Team with Cybersecurity Investigations
Sessions 3
Conducting sessions on Blockchain Forensics and OSINT at IIPA for India’s Top Judicial Officers


Latest Work

Unauthorized Transfer Report

Unauthorized Transfer Report

Incident Summary Report

Incident Summary Report

Our Research Is The Future

Post Mortem, Forensic Investigations and OSINT Research

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Years of Experience

Years of Experience


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Very professional and timed delivery. Also very prompt in responses and queries.

Stack OS

Vishnu Korde

CEO, StackOS

The team is very supportive and they were able to work as per our requirements

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QuillAudits did a great job with our audit, was very professional and provided quick service

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QuillAudits provided security enhancements for Polygon projects, earning positive feedback for their prompt and high-quality service as an auditing partner.

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What is a Smart Contract Audit?
Smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinise a smart contracts code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code in order to rectify & fix them. It secures the code from potential future bugs.
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