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With a trusted reputation spanning the globe, QuillAudits is the partner of choice for businesses seeking unrivalled security for their web3 projects

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Smart contract auditing helps identify potential loopholes, bugs, and security flaws to protect users and their assets. It involves code review, vulnerability assessment, and risk mitigation to ensure reliability and trustworthiness in Web3 contracts.

Blockchains We Audit

AlgorandBinanceEthereumPolkadotPolygonSolanaStarknetTezosWalletZksyncLayer 1SuiHyperledger FabricFantom
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What is the Need of Smart Contract Audit?


The Web3 Hacks in 2022 that were due to Smart Contract Vulnerabilities.

Smart Contract Audits build social authority and helps in earning user’s/investor’s trust for the product.

Higher credibility in an already competitive industry prevents costly smart contract code errors and protects against hackers.

Out of all the exploited Web3 projects

52.7% Were Not Audited


How We Secure Your Web3 Project

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Latest Work

Therapoid Smart Contract Audit Report

Therapoid Smart Contract Audit Report

TheRugGame Smart Contract Audit Report

TheRugGame Smart Contract Audit Report

Bored & Lucky Smart Contract Audit Report

Bored & Lucky Smart Contract Audit Report

PixelWar Smart Contract Audit Report

PixelWar Smart Contract Audit Report


What our Clients are saying

You guys rock, and I really will stick with you guys. I will even look at the opportunity to go to other services that you are providing. Thank you.

Stack OS



The whole experience was far better than we expected. The reports given by Quill team were outstanding, and we do see Quill as one of the top auditing companies currently.

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Our experience with QuillAudits was pretty good. They helped us improve our protocols in many spectrums, security being one of them.




On top of doing our security audit, the team identified ways to decentralize further the governance and management of our smart contracts.

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Romuald Hog

Co-Founder, BetSwirl

I can absolutely recommend working with QuillAudits; great work together, a high level of advising and reviewing!




The whole experience was good, from the beginning to the delivery of the final certification certificate. Undoubtedly a professional job with focused attention to understanding the project. 100% recommended

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CEO, Azomland


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Providing True Blockchain Experience through Problem-Centric Business Solutions

QuillAudits is a complete solution for smart contracts security audit by QuillHash

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Polygon DAO

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eDAO wants to become the 'operating system' for creating communities in music, art, and culture. It aims to launch global art, media, and entertainment IPs at scale in the Web3 world.

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What is a Smart Contract Audit?
Smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinise a smart contract’s code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code in order to rectify & fix them. It secures the code from potential future bugs.
Who needs a Smart Contract Audit?
What is the time scale for an audit to complete?
What Audit process do we follow?
What are the differentiating grounds for automated audit & manual audit?
How much does a smart contract audit cost?
Which blockchains do we audit?
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