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What is a smart contract audit and who needs it?
A smart contract audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinize the code of a smart contract used in cryptocurrency or blockchain interactions. It aims to identify errors, issues, and security vulnerabilities in the code to rectify and enhance its security. Smart contract audits are beneficial for anyone dealing with smart contracts, including ICOs, STOs, fintech companies, games, and any dApp solutions based on smart contracts.
Which blockchains do you audit and what is your audit process?
How much does an audit cost and what is the time scale for completion?
What do High, Medium, Low, and Informational severity levels mean?
What are the types of issues identified during an audit?
My questions are not answered here; where shall I contact you with a query?


QuillAudits smart contract audit is not a security warranty, investment advice, or an endorsement of any patform. This audit does not provide a security or correctness guarantee of the audited smart contracts.

The statements made in this document should not be interpreted as investment or legal advice, nor should its authors be held accountable for decisions made based on them. Securing smart contracts is a multistep process. One audit cannot be considered enough. We recommend that the clients put in place a bug bounty program to encourage further analysis of the smart contract by other third parties.

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