The Thorough and Detailed Process of Security

The process is always long and never easy, be it security or anything else. We have exaggerated process for every step that is a part of securing your smart contract and here you can read all about it. From understanding you, your project and the demands that it has, to designing a report that is able to help you understand the vulnerabilities, we make sure that you are a part of the secure future of Blockchain.


The thorough and Detailed Process

Process Flow Diagram
Step 1

Specification Gathering

This is the most crucial stage because the detail is key for a successful smart contract Security audit. Here we will gather the specifications from you to know the intended behavior of smart contract. In this stage, we need a summary of the intended behavior of the smart contract from your side. We would also gather specification through forms.

Step 2

Manual Review

Goals of manual review

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    Verify that every detail in the specification is implemented in smart contract.
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    Verify that the contract does not have any behavior that is not specified in specifications.
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    Verify that contract does not violate original intended behavior of specifications.

Here we would look for undefined, unexpected behavior and common security vulnerabilities like

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    Uncheck return values for low-level calls
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    Denial of service
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    Bad randomness
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    Front running
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    Time manipulation
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    Short address attack
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    Unknown vulnerabilities
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    The goal is to get to as many skilled eyes on contract code as possible
Step 3

Manual Testing

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    Smart contract will be manually deployed on any of the test network (Ropsten/Rinkeby) using remix IDE. All the transaction hashes will be recorded.
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    Gas consumptions and behavior of functions also noted.
Step 4

Functional Testing

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    The smart contract will be manually deployed in a sandbox environment like testnet/mainnet forks, hardhat, ganache, etc
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    Smart contract functions will be tested on multiple parameters and under multiple conditions to ensure that all paths of functions are functioning as intended.
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    In this phase, the intended behavior of the smart contract is verified.
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    In this phase, we would also ensure that smart contract functions are not consuming unnecessary gas.
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    Gas limits of functions will be verified in this stage.
Step 5

Testing with Automated Tools

    Testing with automated tools is important to catch those bugs that humans miss. Some of the tools we would use are

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  • Blue Quill
  • Blue Quill
  • Blue Quill
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    Solidity Coverage
Step 6

Initial Audit Report

    At the end, we would provide you a comprehensive report along with details of audit and steps to cover up with the vulnerabilities if we found any in your contracts.

Step 7

Final Audit Report

    After initial audit fixes, process is repeated again and Final audit report is delivered.

Step 8


After getting a green light from the previous step, we send the report to our designers. With their skills, they make a PDF version of the Audit Report and beautifully showcase everything in it. Sample Audit Report:

Aduit Report 1Aduit Report 2Aduit Report 3

The report then gets uploaded onto our official GitHub Repository. We then share with you the link to the Audit Report along with a Certificate of Compliance from QuillAudits.

Step 9


Social Media Announcements

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    As per your requests from you, we make an Audit Announcement from our social media handles to mark the completion of the Audit.
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    Access to QuillAudits Ecosystem (Exchanges, IDO, KYC, Incubators, VC Partners)

AMA Sessions

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    Expert Auditors Explaining the Nuances of the Audit Report
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    QnA and Direct Interaction with Your Audience to Build Trust in Your Project

Niche Targeted PR Services

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    Articles & Guest Posts in Renowned Publications
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    Cross-Platform Promotions to Give More Exposure to the Project


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What is a smart contract audit?
A smart Contract Audit is a comprehensive process to scrutinise a smart contract's code used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is carried out to discover errors, issues & security vulnerabilities in the code to rectify & fix them.
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