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Rug Pull Detection to prevent you from getting REKT

"Did you know that in 2022, there were 243 instances of “rug pull' scams, resulting in a total loss of $425 million, Don't let yourself be a victim; protect your assets with QuillCheck and become security first in the decentralized world of web3!

A rug pull scam starts with developers promising good returns and ends with investors holding worthless currency.
In Web3 'the code is the law', which is why we use 21 code checks to ensure the project's security. Just paste the contract address in the search bar for a thorough analysis.

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What is a RugPull?
In a standard rug pull the owner/developer abandons the project abruptly and sells and decides to remove all liquidity from the project. A few common signs of RugPulls are:
  • The skyrocketing price of a token in a very short time with no liquidity protection.
  • Project owners can easily remove liquidity immediately after the project launch.
  • Poor website design, overhyped socials, no information on the team, and poor tokenomics are also some common signs.
Are RugPulls really dangerous?
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