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Web3 security is a superset of web2 security. You have to do everything you do in web2 and more.

It's important to not forget the basics when securing web3 assets. Securing a web3 product is a comprehensive process that includes much more than just smart contract audits.

Mudit Gupta

Mudit Gupta

Cheif Information Security Officer, Polygon

Security is one of those issues that can derail Web3 and cannot be taken lightly. At its heart, Web3 is about autonomy and smart contracts, and that makes security more critical.

Ajeet Khurana

Ajeet Khurana

Founder, Reflexical

Institutional grade security of smart contracts, end points and bridges is a must for large scale consumer grade applications to work on the blockchain stack. At Woodstock we focus on 5Ts in our due diligence of startups. The first 2Ts represent Team & Technology. A well rounded Tech team with disciplined development and security mindset is hygiene to success of a protocol or Defi startup.

Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma

Founding Partner, Woodstock Fund

Protecting your Web3 assets and users from security threats is crucial but can be overwhelming.

That's why we have curated a series of expertly crafted reports that provide real-world examples and practical advice. Our engaging and informative reports are the ultimate resource for businesses and organisations operating in the Web3 space. Join us on the journey to a safer Web3 world.

CEO QuillAudits

Smart contract safety and security is still in its early days. You can compare it with internet of early 1990s. It will take atleast a decade of hardwork by the developers, auditors and early adopters to reach the security standards that we have in Web2.0 today, which are, at best bearable. Till that happens, Defi will always have that risk factor associated with it.

Sandeep Nailwal

COO & Co-Founder at Polygon

2022 ConcLUDED

Web3 Security Outlook MENA Region

  • -> Growth of Web3 in the Middle East and Dubai Region
  • -> Growth and adoption of Web3 technologies in the Middle East and Dubai region
  • -> Into the World’s Web3 Capital Rising Security Concerns in Web3
  • -> Specific use cases and initiatives in the region
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2022 ConcLUDED

Web3 Security Outlook 2022

  • -> $4B were lost in 300+ security exploits in 2022
  • -> The report outlines all major hacks and security breaches that occurred in 2022.
  • -> The report also explores new technologies, such as Layer 2 and zero-knowledge proofs, the role of AI in securing the Web3 ecosystem, and offers essential technical measures for smart contract developers to mitigate vulnerabilities.
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2021 ConcLUDED

Blockchain Security Outlook - 2021 & Insights for 2022

  • -> $8 billion stolen in 2021 in various hacks & scams.
  • -> A comprehensive overview of the security status of DeFi & NFT protocols
  • -> In-depth coverage of significant hacks of 2021
  • -> Highlights on the Web3 shift.
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2020 ConcLUDED

DeFi Exclusive Security Synopsis 2020

  • -> $2.3 billion were lost to various scams, hacks, and cyber-attacks.
  • -> Get extensive insight into DeFi Trends, Smart Contract Vulnerabilities, Auditing Trends, and vicious DeFi Attack Patterns.
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